The Panasonic KX-T7630 is available in two ( 2 ) basic colors: Charcoal & White.

The KX-T7630 Digital Proprietary Speakerphone has Twenty-four (24) programmable buttons, and the following pre-programmed buttons:

Conference Button, a Forward/Do Not Disturb Button, an Auto Dial /Store Button, a Transfer Button, an Auto Answer/Mute Button, a Redial Button, a HOLD Button, an Intercom Button

The KX-T7630 has a Three (3) Line LCD display (NON-Backlit) the entire phone can be tilted to four (4) different positions for easy viewing and use.

The KX-T7630 is also headset compatible and it also has a Panasonic XDP port making it XDP and DXPD compatible.

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